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Have Woodpeckers Been Destroying Your Siding? Find the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Woodpeckers can be a problem all over the state of California. Not only does the sound aggravate, but it can seriously damage your home. It’s not the fault of the birds – they are making the noise they make to claim their territory and to attract a mate. It’s simply nature’s way of helping them. that said, it can cause issues in your home. Read on to learn more about woodpeckers and how you can protect your siding.

There are four potential reasons woodpeckers are pecking at your home

The first step is to understand why the woodpeckers are pecking at your home. There are four main reasons, and more than one may be true of your home:

  1. It makes a satisfying sound that marks its territory and attracts mates. If this is the case, then the pecking will only go on during breeding season.
  2. They want to excavate to build a nest or roost hole. This will create a large, round hole and it’s likely to be built between April and May. If this happens and you must get rid of them, do so either before or after nesting season.
  3. They’re feeding on insects in your siding. This causes small, irregular holes and requires you to contact an exterminator to get rid of the insects.
  4. They’re storing food. They may peck dozens of holes in your home to hide their food. This would involve acorn-sized holes.

As you consider why they’re doing what they’re doing, remember that if they find your home is a good place to store food, they will pass this on to the next generation and the damage is likely to continue until you take serious steps to stop it.

The type of siding you have can prevent woodpeckers from damaging your home

Remember that killing a woodpecker is a crime because these are protected animals. One of the best ways you can prevent them from damaging your home is to ensure that they’re not attracted to your home. The following types of siding are options that woodpeckers generally don’t like:

  • Stone or brick. This is a very expensive option and it doesn’t protect your side walls.
  • Fiber cement. This is the most common solution because woodpeckers don’t like the cement at all.
  • SmartSide. This is a very dense, engineered wood that is likely to keep woodpeckers from pecking. Once again, it’s expensive and it doesn’t last as long as other types of siding.
  • Insulated vinyl siding. This isn’t the most attractive option but if insulation is form-fitted to the back of it to prevent voids, then it can be a deterrent to woodpeckers.

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