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Say Hello to Summer and Lower Your Utility Bills

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re anything like those of us at Charles Window, you’re getting excited about summer being on its way. With the gorgeous California sunshine, days at the beach, and nights strolling around your favorite city, there’s so much to love about summer. However, there’s one big disadvantage: The heat can driver our utility bills up. Today we’re here with a few ideas to help keep those costs down this summer.

Replace your single-pane windows

If you still have single-pane windows in your home then it’s time to upgrade. Just using double-pane windows (often referred to as IGUs) can make a big difference in how much heat gets into your home. There are many great benefits to IGUs, one of which is the fact that they’re likely to lower your utility bills.

Install low-e windows

Low-e windows, which stands for low-emissive windows, have been treated with a coating. This coating is designed specifically to reflect heat, which lets less of it in, but still allows light to get through. It’s a great option if you want the maximize the amount of natural light in your home without letting the heat in.

Upgrade your window screens

If you have older window screens, or no screens at all, then you’ll appreciate that replacing them with more tightly woven screens can significantly reduce the amount of heat that’s allowed into your home. However, keep in mind that this option also reduces the amount of sunlight that’s in your home too.

Fill in any air leaks

Do you have drafty windows? Do you have gaps under your doors? If you do, filling up these air leaks can make a huge difference. For smaller leaks, try caulking around the seals. For larger problems, the doors and / or windows may need to be replaced.

Install exterior heat savers

If you want to head outside and prevent heat gain and loss from there, then we recommend planting an awning that can shade your window but not obstruct your view. Certain bushes and trees can also help to shade the side of your home and may even restrict hot air from getting in.

Do you need additional help reducing the amount of air conditioning your home needs in the summer and how much heat it needs in the winter? Then contact Charles Window today to learn about the various door and window options available to you.