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What Does the Color of Your Front Door Say About You?

In this day and age, it’s possible to have a front door that’s made out of dozens of materials and has virtually any color you can imagine. As you consider the various colors and options, check out this guide to what the color of your front door may say about you.

Gray front doors

When you think of knickknacks throughout the house, clutter on the shelves, or changing a flag in the front yard for every season, what do you think of? If you like a gray door, then you may think the above things are awful. Fans of gray front doors are more likely to wear button down shirts, choose furniture in neutral colors, and keep their cars immaculately clean.

Yellow front doors

When people mock optimistic people, you take it personally. You want a home that everyone feels comfortable in but that also showcases your personality. You want your home to be a reflection of you and the things you love.

Pink front doors

You likely enjoy the famous dames of the past, from Katharine to Auntie Mame. You likely love to take risks and expand your worldview and can’t understand people who don’t feel the same person. Strangely, you have a lot in common with people who love gray doors, as you’re both fans of the finer things in life.

Red door front doors

No matter where you live today, you’d likely love to live in the U.K. You love history, you love the brownstones, and you find the cottages enchanting. Your feelings about décor are that it should be polished, yet nostalgic. You love your garden, you use your fine china on a regular basis, and you wish that every child would dress like Prince George.

Light blue front doors

You either live on the beach or you’d like to. You love to be calm and you treat your home as a getaway. You likely have at least one chair or sofa that’s slipcovered, and you are likely not plugged into technology 24-7.


You’ve been described as preppy and would likely prefer to live in a Ralph Lauren ad if you could. You love the forest green color that reminds you of Fall, the loveliest of seasons in which you celebrate homecoming, wear your favorite fall boots, and enjoy all you can drink pumpkin spice lattes.

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