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Sliding Glass Doors and Preventing Water Infiltration

Sliding doors are great. They let light into our rooms. However, things like water infiltration can sour our experiences with our sliding glass doors. The Daily Commercial addresses this in a recent article titled “Preventing sliding glass door water infiltration.”

Don Macgruder of the Daily Commercial writes, “The big takeaway from a sliding glass door design is they are not submarine doors. Forced water — either through an intense rain storm, a pressure washer or a high pressure garden nozzle — can infiltrate the door. Typically, the water intrusion will occur through the bottom threshold and can be seen inside the home within the threshold itself, but it will not reach the floor unless the weep holes are clogged. Water intrusion in some sliding glass doors can occur with wind-driven rains at speeds as low as 22 miles per hour. A sliding glass patio door, correctly installed and maintained, will mitigate most of these issues, but annual preventative maintenance with an elastomeric sealant around the perimeter is a must. A common practice by some remodelers when transforming a back porch is to have a sliding glass patio door installed directly on top of the pre-existing concrete slab to the outer edge of the house. Two problems can occur with this type of installation. If the sliding glass door is placed directly on a pre-existing concrete slab, with no recessed area in which the door track can lay, water can penetrate the home’s interior flooring through the bottom of the threshold if there is a breach in old caulking. Recessed cutouts are recommended by most installers because it is usually impossible to permanently caulk the bottom of the threshold to prevent water infiltration at some point.”

With Charles Window, plain, drab, barely functional sliding glass doors are a thing of the past. Instead, we have a range of high-functioning, gorgeous patio doors in several styles, materials, and finishes. Our in-house technicians are certified master installers, so you can be sure they will get the job done right. We offer the narrow door frame (2 to 3 1/2″ wide), for a contemporary look, and French rail or French sliding doors, with wider frames, meaning slightly less glass than the contemporary look. If you want, you can go from a standard, with just one side sliding open into the next one or you can have a four panel door where the two center panels slide open, one to the left, one to the right. In addition to those options, you can have a stacking door where you have four panels, with one being stationary and the three next ones sliding behind it so they stack. This way, you get three out of four panels to open up.

Whatever option you choose, you can count on Charles Window to provide you with the highest quality sliding glass doors. No matter what door installation needs you might have, you can’t go wrong with Charles Window!