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Single-, Double-, or Triple-Paned: Which Window Option is Best for Your Home?

As you consider the right new windows for your California home, there are many factors you’ll take into consideration. One of the most important will be the type of windows you choose. At Charles Window we’re proud to offer a free in-home consultation during which we can go over all your options. In the meantime, check out the main differences between single, double, and triple pane options.

Single-pane windows

If your home is historic, of if you live in a mobile home, then it’s likely that your home came with single-pane windows. They don’t offer much insulation, which means that they can result in significantly higher heating and cooling bills than a person would have with double- or triple-paned windows. Single-pane windows also often have water condensate on them, which can result in mold and mildew getting in to the home, can boost humidity in already warm months, and can result in your AC running double time.

The main advantage of single-pane windows is that they cost less to install. However, when you think about how much they cost to use year after year, that savings is negated quickly. We don’t recommend installing single-pane windows with so many other affordable options out there.

Double-pane window

As the name implies, a double-plane window is made when two layers of glass have a layer of argon gas between them. They do cost more than single-pane glass but you can easily make up for this extra cost thanks to a significantly lower monthly heating and cooling bill. You can also avoid most condensation from collecting, which means less mold and less humidity. For many homes, double-pane windows are an energy efficient option that offers comfort and health to homeowners.

Triple-pane window

As is true of double-pane windows, triple-pane have layers of gas to insulate the glass. This helps prevent heat transfer and makes them the most energy efficient. However, it can take 20+ years to recoup the cost savings for these expensive windows. Triple-pane windows also come with a coating that’s known as low-E on the interior layers. This helps to further prevent heat transfer but as a result it also inhibits natural light.

No matter what type of new windows you’re considering, Charles Window can help. We have an award-winning showroom that we’d be happy to show you around, or we can come to you for a no-cost, no-obligation in-home consultation.