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Simple Ways to Increase Soundproofing for Your Windows

If you get too much sound coming in from outside and you want your home to be more comfortable, then there may be ways to accomplish that. While many steps toward soundproofing can be expensive and difficult, there are some easier, do-it-yourself ways that could help. Read on to learn more about options to reduce the sound that comes in your home.

Try weather stripping first

The first option should be to install weather stripping on your windows and your doors. Depending on how significant the noise pollution is, weather stripping may go a long way toward preventing noise from getting inside. You can choose any of the many types of weather stripping. Not only can this reduce noise but it also reduces air leaks, which can lower your heating and cooling bills.

Check for storm windows

Do you have storm windows? Have you looked? A storm window is added to a window in the fall months and then taken off in spring. They are meant to keep the window panes from sustaining damage from mother nature. However, they can also help with soundproofing. They may already be installed or a previous homeowner could have left them in an attic, crawl space, etc. These windows are not just energy efficient, they’re also very easy to install!

Install soundproofing curtains

Another way to reduce the sound that gets through your windows is to add soundproofing curtains. Once again, these are a good option if you simply need to dampen sound. In fact, if you’re able to add weather stripping, put on storm windows, and install soundproofing curtains on the same windows, then you could hear a significant improvement in the amount of sound that comes through.

Install new windows

There are numerous windows on the market that are made especially for sound proofing. The most advanced ones are meant for homes with serious noise issues, like those who live near airports. However, even upgrading single pane windows with quality new windows can have a huge impact.

Reduce the noise

While we’re focusing on ways to prevent the sound from getting through, it’s also important to consider ways you may be able to reduce the sound. For example, if it’s a neighbor’s barking dog that’s bothering you, perhaps talk to them about steps they could take to reduce the sound. If a neighbor’s band practices in their garage, maybe you could convince them to only play between pre-approved hours.