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Learn How Your New Window or Door Installation Could Make You Eligible for a Rebate

There are a million and one reasons you may want to replace your windows or get new doors and one main thing that often stops homeowners from doing so: Money. This is why we wanted to ensure you know about the latest rebate and incentive programs. If you’re ready for new windows, new siding, or new doors, then we hope you will read on to learn more and then contact Charles Window for a free consultation.

You may be eligible for Energy Upgrade CA

Energy Upgrade California gives homeowners the chance to find numerous rebates and incentives. They are applied to insulation and windows. The biggest benefit will go to those homeowners who want to pursue whole-house performance upgrades. For people in that position, Energy Upgrade California can result in as much as $6,500 in rebates. When we meet you for your consultation, we can go over the rebates and let you know what you may be eligible for.

You may be eligible for the HERO Program

If you use HEROF financing then you will likely find it much easier to complete energy-efficient improvements that will result in a home that’s both more comfortable more environmentally friendly. Many cities and counties throughout Southern California offer this program. It allows you to borrow as much as 100% of the cost of new windows or insulation products.

The loan is then paid back to either the city or the county – whomever gave out the money – via property taxes. This means that the loan is tied to the property not to the homeowner. If you sell the home before it has been paid off then the loan will be transferred to the new owner. The HERO Program comes with fixed interest rates and loans from five years to 20 years.

There are other options to help you get the new windows, doors, or siding you need

These are just two examples of the available rebate and financing options. What you will be eligible for will vary widely based on where you live. This is why we recommend contact us as soon as possible. Once we come to you, get your address, and see what you need, we can go through the available financing options and rebates. We will then pair you with what will make the most financial sense.