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Learn How Poor Installation Can Ruin the Value of Your New Door

Investing in new doors for your home can make your home look better, can make it more secure, and can boost the value of your home. However, if those doors aren’t installed correctly, you could end up ruining all of this added value. Read on to learn how important installation is and then reach out to Charles Window for guaranteed results.

Improperly installed doors won’t work correctly

One of the biggest issues with doors that aren’t installed correctly is that they won’t work well. If you have a door that’s not opening all the way, or one that sticks when you try to open it, you could end up damaging the area around the door. This takes out of the joy of having a new door can end up doing more bad than good.

Poorly installed doors can let water and moisture in

If your front door isn’t installed correctly, it could lead to water damage. The door itself will be made to stand up to water, but the rest of your home isn’t. If water is allowed to seep in, then you could end up with serious problems including damage to the foundation of your home. Even if just a small amount of water leaks in, it could lead to mold and mildew problems, which are more than just an annoyance – they can easily become a health concern.

Your home could be less energy efficient

Doors and windows are the two main ways that air gets in and out of your home. If your windows and doors aren’t installed and/or insulated correctly, then you could have drafts in your home – which could significantly increase the cost of heating and cooling your home. It can also result in certain areas of your home being much cooler or warmer than other areas.

The security of your home could be compromised

If your front door or patio doors aren’t installed correctly then they may not lock correctly. This can leave them open to break-ins and other issues. When a burglar cases a neighborhood, they’re going to look for any vulnerabilities within a home. If they see a door that’s visibly installed incorrectly then this could cause your home to be a hot target.

At Charles Window we provide experienced, guaranteed door installation services. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.