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Just Say No to Window Fogging with These Tips

Many people who live in homes with windows that fog up assume that they have no options. They assume that foggy windows are just a part of owning a home. The reality is that not all homes deal with foggy windows. Read on to learn why windows fog and what you can do about it.

Start by understanding why your windows fog

First and foremost, let’s discuss why your windows fog. There are one of two things happening. First, your home is either much warmer inside than outside, or you have a lot more humidity in your home than you do outside. Think about pouring yourself a glass of cold iced tea and then taking it outside into a hot day. What happens? The glass gets covered with condensation – and this is what’s happening to your windows too.

Your first step is to try and reduce humidity in your home

If the fog on your windows is being caused by humidity then you may wish to start by reducing humidity levels within your home. You could be adding humidity without even knowing it. Remember that humidity can be caused by something as simple as taking a shower or cooking for long periods of time. In most cases, the easiest way to reduce humidity is to buy a dehumidifier.

You may need to replace your windows

If using a dehumidifier doesn’t fix the problem then it may be time to replace your windows or have them repaired. It may also be an issue with your doors not sealing properly. This is likely the case if your windows are either old or if they’re single pane. In fact, some double-pane windows can also have issues. Remember that if you leave the windows as-is and don’t have them repaired, you may eventually be dealing with mold and water damage. This is why you should talk to a window company sooner rather than later.

Call today to find out more about your options

Do you want a no-hassle and no-pressure meeting with window installation experts? Then you want to give Charles Window a call. We’ll come to you at no charge and take a look at what’s happening. If it is time to replace your windows, we can go over your options. Take your time to make a choice – we won’t pressure you to make a decision then and there. We are simply here to offer you the info you need to make the most informed decision.