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The Importance of Energy Efficiency in New Windows

When you’re considering new windows, there are a lot of factors you’ll likely keep in mind. At Charles Window, while we do want to help our clients find windows that look great in their homes, we find it very important to choose the most energy efficient options possible. Doing so can have a larger impact on your utility bills than you may think.

Little steps are important but it’s the big things that add up

If you take steps to do other energy efficient things, such as turning off lights when you’re not in a room, or unplugging appliances, you may save a few dollars here and there. However, when you invest in energy efficient windows, you can reduce how often your heating and cooling system has to work. As a result, your electric bill could see a significant decrease.

Older windows often don’t seal as well as they should

It’s common for older windows to be sound but to not be sealed properly to your home. This is due to the fact that older installation techniques weren’t as innovative as today’s are, and to the fact that your home has naturally settled over time. This gap can result in the outdoor air easily getting into your home, and the indoor air getting out. As a result, you likely raise or lower the heat or AC, which wastes energy.

Newer windows can make your home more comfortable

Not only will you save money, but investing in new windows from Charles Window means your home will be more comfortable. When you have the energy efficient windows we offer, and the windows are installed and sealed correctly, you’ll notice that your home no longer has cooler or warmer spots. You should not only see that electricity bill go down, but you should notice that you’re more comfortable inside no matter what the weather is doing outside.

New windows simply look great

Of course, while we do want to highlight the economic and environmental benefits of newly installed windows, it’s also important to note that they simply look great. When a person drives up to your home, one of the first things they’ll notice will be your windows. What would they notice if they drove up today? Do you have windows that are fresh and beautiful? Are they architecturally appropriate for your home? If not, it may be time to reach out to Charles Window for new installations.