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A Gliding Window May Be the Perfect Window for Your Home

Whether you’re adding brand new windows to a brand new home, or replacing the windows in your existing home, at Charles Window we’re happy to offer many options. One of those options is a gliding window. This can be great for certain homeowners. Of course, there is no perfect window that meets every need but this can be a great choice for many.

Gliding windows are real space savers

With a gliding window, the sash doesn’t open outward like it would on other windows. As a result, they work great in a room in which a window opening may affect the patio, deck, walkway, landscaping, etc. With a gliding window, the sash works horizontally so that you can get full ventilation from either the top or bottom.

Gliding windows are also very versatile. Both of the sashes on either side can slide, which means you’re able to open either side all the way or both sides halfway. This makes them great when you want to let more or less air in one side of the room or not the other. If you’d prefer, we can also install a gliding window that has one stationary sash, which means that only one side will open.

When you install new windows and choose gliding windows, you’ll have a larger glass viewing area overall. In fact, these types of windows have more glass area than many other types of windows. You can also add a unique window film that will prevent UV rays from getting in your home to warm it up or fade your furniture.

You are not limited in your options for gliding windows

If someone says they don’t like gliding windows because of the way these types of windows look, then they’re mistaken. How can we say that? Because there isn’t one particular type of gliding window. There are many options and surely almost everyone can find one that they like the style of and that meets their functional needs.

From a vent window for a smaller opening, to a triple window that maximizes the ventilation available on either side, there are a large number of options for these. In fact, you can even add a gliding window toe the side of a picture window or a specialty window. To learn more about these and other options, stop by or call us for a consultation.