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Q – Is it true you won a national award for Excellence in Installation?

Yes, Window & Door Magazine, the industry publication, named us Dealer of the Year, for Excellence in Installation. We were nominated for this national award by a major window manufacturer.

Q – Why do you say your installers are the best in the industry?

Because our installers won a national award, have more than 20 years successful history doing only this (no kitchens, decks, roofs, etc.), and independent ratings confirm the statement. And the final proof – we proudly guarantee our results…with a lifetime warranty.

You should also know that our installers are:

  • Long-term employees (most over a decade), not subcontractors
  • Specialists, not generalists
  • Experts in water infiltration, the biggest risk in installation
  • Certified by Installation Masters
  • Completed at least a 2-year training program

We’re also proud that our lead technical guru is regularly sought by manufacturers to advise them regarding installation issues.

Q – Why do you say “installations are not all the same”?

  • The devil is in the details, and process, materials, and experience really matter. These can only be conquered by award-winning specialists, not generalists or handymen who can cut corners for lack of experience with these details.
  • Water infiltration is the enemy, so work the experts. We deal with it daily, and so, to protect you, we’re the only window/door/siding project company in the Bay Area with certified water infiltration expertise.
  • Doing It Right in the First Place is your least expensive option. With us, there are no future correction costs.
  • We’re Not Scared to be Compared: our installations are open to anyone’s inspection (is theirs?).

Q – What is the biggest worry in installation?

Water infiltration (the #1 source of construction litigation). Not done well, correction costs can be from 100% of original project cost to “shocking” levels.

We’re the only window/door/siding project company in the Bay Area with certified water infiltration expertise, including exclusive membership in Westcon, the elite group of water infiltration forensics experts. One of our owners is an expert witness for window and water infiltration.

Q – What can I expect during installation?

We make the installation process as painless as possible to your daily life. We do daily cleanup to spotless (no mess left behind). We are at all times courteous, informative, and helpful. We stick to the schedule. And yes, we respect your pets.

Q – Do you offer repair services?

Yes we do, we offer glass replacement, Door Repair and Adjustment, Weatherization, Hardware replacement, Window Repair & Maintenance, as well as service advice and consultation