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Affordability & Return

Q – Can these projects increase the value of my home?

According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing windows is the #3 highest return-on-investment (ROI) home improvement. For example, in San Francisco, resale value averaged 109% of project cost. Interestingly, fiber-cement siding is the #1 highest ROI home improvement, with up to 190% return.

Q – How can I afford these projects?

Home improvement is an investment. To start, we believe the lowest true cost comes from doing it right in the first place, thereby avoiding fixes and repairs (from water leaks) later, which can be shockingly expensive. Then the  good news is that there are also some very interesting financing options available. For example, an average home could be completely re-sided with Hardie fiber cement for as little as $200 monthly-equivalent loan payments, which means it’s a more economic option than painting! Average window and door projects would be even less.

Q – Is low-payment, long-term financing available?

Yes! We are particularly excited about the PACE programs, which offer 25-year financing that does not depend on your credit rating (nor affect it), can be tax-deductible, and is paid through your property tax bill (which also means sometimes the first payment can be as far as 18 months out!). Our selected program is CaliforniaFirst…click the logo for more information. For example, monthly-equivalent loan payments for window replacement could start at $70 per month, and start at $200 per month for siding projects.

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In addition, there are some excellent standard home improvement financing programs.