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Are Your French Doors Secure?

At Charles Window we’re well aware that French doors are one of the most elegant and lovely options for homeowners. However, for homes with older French doors, a security problem can arise. Though more recent doors have included extra security features, older doors can be a magnet for thieves. A recent bulletin by the Brisbane police titled How secure are your French Doors? offers some great tips.

Senior Constable Ricky Brudenell writes, “There are many options available to improve the security of your French doors, these include but are not limited to:

  • Security screens
  • Bars – single bars installed to reinforce the door joins or barred security doors.
  • Locking mechanisms for the door handles
  • Bolts into the flooring

There are a number of websites with options of security specifically for French doors. Most importantly, remember to lock all doors and windows prior to leaving your home to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of a break and enter.”

These are all great tips and Charles Window and Doors has some additional ideas too. Try upgrading to our modern French doors that include expanded security features including a multi-point locking system. This system requires you to lift the handle up when you close the door, which then engages a pin or locking system. It does up and down and sideways into the other panel, which creates a very secure system.

As the Constable noted, another important thing is to simply remember to lock your French doors. Too often homeowners simply leave the door unlocked and don’t think about it. They do this when they’re leaving the home, which most people can see would be a problem, but many people don’t think about how often they leave the door unlocked when they’re home.

All it takes is two minutes for someone to come in your door and grab what they want. Even if you’re just running upstairs for a shower, just running to the store for a few minutes, or even in the room adjacent to your room with French doors, it’s always important to lock them.

Do you have other questions about keeping your home secure? Charles Window and Door can help install safe and secure windows, entry doors, and more!