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Door Style Trends to Look Out for in 2018

At Charles Window, we know that when it comes to an entry door or an interior door, there’s nothing as important at quality. That’s why we know that our superior products and installation will never go out of style. That said, we’re interested in some of the trends we’re starting to learn about for 2018. Which ones are exciting you? Check them out and then contact Charles Window for your free in-home quote.

Color is on its way back in

According to style experts, it’s once again cool to have a funky, bright colored door. Think of colors like bright red or cozy mustard yellow. Consider strange shapes like angles, mosaics, or arches. Even unique hinges and folding, gated, hanging, or other multi-frame doors are coming back in style. In short, a door that showcases the unique style of a homeowner are once again popular.

Say goodbye to matching

Traditionally, if you have a long hallway with half a dozen doors, all of those doors would match. Why is that? Isn’t each room distinct? Doesn’t each door have something unique behind it? Coming into style are hallway doors of different colors. If you want to ensure you don’t create clutter or a look of accidental miss-matching, consider choosing one color scheme and just using different hues or brightness within that scheme.

Hardware is getting centerstage

It’s normal for a homeowner to choose the color and style of their door and that’s it. According to style experts, in 2018 you’ll have a lot more choices to make – including choosing the hardware on your door. This includes not just the door knob and knocker, but hinges as well. The good news is that there are tons of options, from simple to ornate.

Get creative with a hidden doorway

Remember when you were a kid and you used to imagine having a hidden door? Perhaps a bookshelf that, when pressed just right, opened up into a secret room? This is actually easier to do now than ever before. Whether it’s a fun painting that opens up into an office or a flat panel TV that separates the family room from an office, there are endless options.

If you want to check out some doors available in the Bay Area, we invite you to come down to Charles Window. We offer a wide range of doors and windows with incredible warranties.