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Don’t Be Fooled by These Window Replacement Scams

When it comes time to replace your windows, you want high quality products, competitively priced installation, and partnership with a company that can be trusted. At Charles Window, we have years and years of experience, many professional accolades, and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, not every company in our industry follows these guidelines. Here are a few of the scams you may be subject to if you work with a company that isn’t quite so experienced.

Telling you that a price is only good for today

This a sales tactic that’s common to a wide range of industries. Simply put, the salesperson will tell you that they have a great low price, but it’s only good for today – you must decide to work with them immediately. This should be a red flag. A reputable company is more than happy to give you the time you need to consider your options and make the most informed decision.

Buy some get some free

Many window replacement companies will claim to offer sales that if you buy three windows you get one free, or any other combination of buy x and get x free. This one can be tricky because sometimes it is a legitimate sale. However, we would urge you to look at the overall price of all the windows you’re buying. For example, you may find that they’re claiming to offer a free window with purchase of three, but their total cost of three plus one free may be more than Charles Window’s price for four.

Bait and switch

Once again, this is a common tactic of people in many different industries, not just those in the business of replacement windows. They’ll start by offering you one type of window installation, or door installation or any other type of service or product, and once you’ve agreed to their offer, they’ll change it. They may claim that they’re using windows of a similar type or style but anytime you agree to one thing and the company you’re working with wants to make significant changes, you should be careful.

The best advice we can offer you is to always look into the background of a company. If it’s a company that’s just get started and can’t offer you references or other ways of confirming that they’re likely to offer good service, then you may want to look elsewhere.