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Do You Need to Seal Your Windows? Discover the Difference Between Sealants

There are many reason that you may want to add weather stripping to your windows. If you have had Charles Window install them, feel free to reach out and let us help you find the right weather stripping option. Otherwise, read on to find out about some of the main types of weather stripping and what they are best used for.

Foam weather stripping

This is one of the most commonly used options in large part because it is both versatile and easy to apply. You can buy it in just about thickness or width you need, depending on your particular gap. It works best if installed at the bottom or top of the window frame or the sash.

The one issue with this option is that it is not as durable as other options so it must be replaced more often than others. If this is a big concern, then you can pay a little more to get reinforced foam on metal or wood strips, which is much more durable.

Felt weather stripping

Another inexpensive option, felt weather stripping can be installed by glue, tacks, or staples. While it can work great for interior windows, it is not often used because it is not a good choice for a window that is exposed to moisture or a high-abrasion area.

V-strip weather stripping

V-strip weather stripping is often referred to as tension seal. It’s perfect for sealing a gap between a window glass and a frame. The v-strips are held in place via the tension that is created between these surfaces. The downside is that it can be expensive and it can be hard to install.

Door sweeps

Of course, not all weather stripping is for windows. If you have older doors, then they may let in a ton of air underneath them. If you don’t want to invest in new doors, then a door sweep may be a great option. Also referred to as door shoes, it is a weather strip that is nailed to the bottom edge of your door to create a barrier between the door and the floor. These essentially look like tiny brooms on the bottom of the door.

If you are looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient and air-tight, then new windows may very well be one of the best parts of that equation. Stop by the award-winning Charles Window showroom or give us a call to set up an in-home consultation.