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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About IGU Window Replacements

There are so many types of windows on the market that consumers can understandably get confused. The good news is that you have Charles Window here to help. When you come to our showroom or call us for a free in-home consultation, we can assess your needs and offer our best advice on what options will work best for you. Today we will be answering some of the questions we most frequently get about IGU window replacements.

What is dual sealed insulated glass replacement service?

It’s simple: We come to you, we get rid of your old broken or foggy windows and replace them with windows that are dual sealed and much more energy efficient.

What exactly are dual sealed insulated windows?

We know the term is quite a mouthful, which is why it’s often shortened to insulated glass units and sometimes even further to IGUs. Essentially, the term refers to two pieces of glass that have some type of insulating spacer between the two panes of glass. The space is then sealed.

What are the benefits of IGU windows?

Do you ever see your windows fogged up? If so, replacing them with IGU windows will fix that issue. They are also much more energy efficient which can lower your utility bills and help make your home more comfortable. Finally, if you live in a noisy spot then you will appreciate that IGU windows offer a buffer from the noise outside to inside your home. In many cases, replacing windows with IGUs will also increase your home value.

What style do IGU windows come in

Any style you want. This is a type of glass – not a style – which means that whether you want traditional or contemporary windows, we can help. We offer a wide range of styles, brands, and more. In fact, if you want to know what every option is and make the most informed decision, you cannot do better than Charles Window.

Come see our windows in our award-winning showroom

If you want to see what incredible windows look like then we invite you to our award-winning showroom. We can also come to you if you want an idea of what would work best for your particular home. Our consultants are not salespeople and they are not there to make a deal the day they see you. They will come to you, answer questions, and help you decide how to move forward. There is never any pressure.