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Answers to 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Windows

Windows are part of our everyday lives, yet many people have questions about how to best take care of them. At Charles Window, we’re always here to give you individual help for your unique needs. We can also provide you with simple answers below.

1. My vinyl windows are scuffed – what do I do?

There are many advantages to vinyl windows, including the fact that require such little maintenance. They are very durable, they don’t dent, scratch, bend, or warp. That said, they can scuff. Cleaning these up is as easy as grabbing a soft cloth, dipping it in a mixture of water and mild soap, and cleaning off the scuffs. Make sure you don’t use any cleaner that’s harsh or abrasive.

2. My window is cracked – what are my options?

It may be possible that your cracked window can be repaired. However, it’s more likely that you’ll need to replace your window. Remember that these cracks should not be ignored. Even the smallest crack can get larger and can make your window glass less secure. Cracks can also let in air – and let it out – which can increase your utility bills. In short, it’s best to have it replaced sooner rather than later.

3. If I’m replacing one window should I replace them all

There’s no getting around the fact that good quality windows are an investment. That said, they’re one of the best investments you can make into your home. When you work with Charles Window, we understand that replacing all the windows in your home isn’t always in the budget. We’ll come out to you for a free in-home consultation and prioritize our plans based on what’s the highest need.

For example, windows that are easily visible from the street should be replaced before a window that’s an eyesore where no one can see it. A window that’s visibly worn is going to be replaced before one that looks brand new. Of course, if you do want to replace all your windows at once, we can do that too. You’re the client – you call the shots!

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