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4 Ways Replacement Doors May Have a Bigger Impact Than You Think

If you’re thinking about replacing the exterior doors at your home, then you may be excited to discover that this is going to do more than change the way your home looks. It can actually significantly change several other factors – for the better! Check out the great selection of new doors from Charles Window and then contact us for help with your installation.

1. Make your home more energy efficient

One of the biggest advantages to replacing your doors is that it’s an almost guaranteed way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, some studies have shown that about half of the energy loss that happens in a home is the result of poor seals on doors and windows. No matter what type of doors you have, if they’re not new then they likely don’t have the latest innovations to keep the heat outside in summer and the cool air inside during the summer.

2. It can improve the curb appeal of your home

While the look of your home isn’t the only thing that can be improved by adding new doors, it is one important aspect to consider. If your doors are older, then simply replacing them with updated doors that have a more contemporary feel can make a big difference. On the other hand, if your home has a particular style and the doors don’t match, you could upgrade to a door that fits within your door’s style. Our team is here to help you find the right door for your unique needs.

3. A new door can make your home more secure

For the most part, a newer door is going to be made of more durable materials compared to an older door. Likewise, many newer doors have advanced locking capabilities and layered designs that help prevent forced entry. When you have a new door installed, you can also have deadbolts, peepholes, etc. added to add even more home security.

4. New doors can let more light into your home

When you choose a new door that has a window, you can brighten up an otherwise dark space. You may want to brighten up your entryway, or perhaps new French doors for the backyard, which open up the interior of your home.

No matter what type of door you’re considering, Charles Window is here to help. Contact us today or stop by our award-winning showroom.