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3 Ways You Can Test How Well Your Windows Work

Summer is coming up on us shortly and that makes it a great time to make sure that your windows aren’t causing significant heat loss. At Charles Window, we’ve come up with three ways you can test your windows on your own. Remember that you can also call us at any time and we’ll come give you a free in-home assessment.

1. Try the flashlight test

This test can show you where there are lakes around your windows that are big enough to allow light to shine through them. When it’s dark out, get someone else to shine a flashlight around the edge of the window while you stand outside in front of the window. If you’re able to see pinpricks of light that’s getting through the frame then you have an issue. The good news is that this only shows you leaks – which can often be replaced by simply caulking around the window.

2. Try the smoke test

You can’t see many leaks just by looking for them. One option that works to find hidden issues with your windows is the smoke test. Start by closing all doors and all windows in your home. Then turn off the furnace. Turn on the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to negatively pressurize your home. This actually forces air go to through any gaps in your home. Light an incense stick and hold it close to any doors or windows you’re worried have leaks. If you see the smoke swirling around an area then you know you have a leak or a draft.

3. Try the infrared camera test

This option allows you to check the ambient air temperature all through your house. You can then compare the temps to see where it’s warmer and cooler. We recommend doing this on a day that’s cooler than others. Bring your infrared camera, go outside, and aim that camera at your home. Remember that a hot area is going to show a white, orange, red, or yellow color while colder spots will show up as green, black, teal, or blue.

What you’re looking for are your window panes showing up as yellow or green because this will mean you have minimal heat loss. If your window instead shows up as orange, bright white, or red, then you’re losing a lot of heat. This is a good sign that it’s time to move on to new windows.